UX Designer Tamara Stampone New Jersey

UX Designer | Video Editor

interface designer Tamara Stampone UX
Hello, I'm Tamara

I'm a UX Designer

Creative video producer turned User Experience Designer (UX) for Web and Mobile platforms.
Passionate about using my analytical and creative mindset. Dedicated to solving problems and enhance user experiences.

UX Designer Portfolio

By identifying the needs of real users and iterate through sketching, prototyping and testing,

I've come to understand real users motivations, behaviors and goals.


UX Design | Expert App

Expert allows anyone, anywhere to virtually connect with an expert in that field.

Voice Interface Design | Cook for Me

'Cook for Me' is an Alexa Skill created to allow users to browse several recipes and have Alexa assist with the meal preparation.


I'm currently available for Freelance or Contract work.

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