Expert App

User Experience Design Project

Project Goals

The goal for EXPERT was to create an app that allows users from anywhere in the world, to instantly connect with an Expert in virtually any field through our application.

EXPERT was designed with a user-centric approach, based on heuristic research, 

validated assumptions and repeated user testing.

User Persona

user journey maps ux design user experience


To gather a rough idea of how I envisioned EXPERT, I started wire-framing with paper and pencil. 

Later, I translated those low-fidelity wireframes into mid-fidelity, using Balsamiq.

Once I had a better understanding of EXPERT,  I translated all my wireframes into high-fidelity wireframes using Sketch

user interface design process low fid

Usability testing

By performing usability tests, I was able to gain a better understanding of how users interact with apps 

because it highlights problem areas that might not have been obvious beforehand.


What People Say

Tamara is a thoughtful designer who does a great job balancing design and user needs. She receives feedback with an open and receptive attitude and because of this, learned exponentially while she was working with me

Jayd Jackson

UX Designer

I’ve been continually impressed with Tamara’s attention to detail and ability to follow directions to a T, along with her willingness to create a superior product. Tamara would be an asset to any project and surely deliver a high quality end result

Robert Gordon

Brand Manader

Tamara was a great student who’s very coachable. Her willingness to listen, explore, and learn is critical for any user experience professional. I’m confident she’ll make a positive impact in any company or design team she works with.

Tony DeSylva

UX Design Mentor

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