WineMe App

...don't forget to WineMe

A mockup advertisement of a mobile wine delivery app for wine enthusiasts. 

Reasoning behind the design


I love wine & design

I enjoy making promotional videos. I decided to combine these two to create a mockup advertisement for an online wine shop that would allow users to search for, select, pair, and deliver wine to your door – just in time for your dinner plans.


User centric

In 2020, 31 million cases of wine were sold in the United States alone. We all found new ways to get our comfort food, fun, and entertainment without having to interact with humans during the pandemic. With this in mind, I created the WineMe mockup app and promo video.


Visual story

I was able to use my creative skills to tell a story to the user / viewer by creating these two products – an application and a video. Videos assist brands in visualizing their message and assisting the audience/user in understanding the purpose of the product. Finally, video complements application UI design well.


New York Metro Area

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