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While I was building my business as a Video Editor, I worked as a Pharmacy Technician at Stop and Shop Pharmacy.

While I was employed at Stop and Shop Pharmacy (13 years) there was never a pharmacy app available and I had always wondered why.

Could it be because Stop and Shop supermarkets are only located in the north eastern part of the United States, and their pharmacy volume is not as large as CVS or Walgreens?

Fast forward to 2018, a Stop and Shop Pharmacy app was created and I still use them as my pharmacy so after using it myself, I was very disappointed.

Their design was basic, so basic that after some research, I noticed that a lot of local pharmacies in the area have the same exact application in use, so I decided to redesign it as part of my portfolio.


"Design is the intermediary between information and understanding."

- Hans Hoffman (Arts and Teacher)




While I was using the Stop and Shop pharmacy app, the first thing I thought to myself was "this is very generic". After researching with competitors I realized this pharmacy doesn't offer as many services as compared to bigger chained pharmacies.

One of the biggest pharmacy chains around is CVS pharmacy, with over six thousand locations. Stop and Shop is only known in the north eastern part of the United States. With that information alone I understood why the application has that "basic" look and feel to it.

Initially I wanted to make each icon stand out more, I wanted the screen to scream pharmacy. After a few redesigns within itself, I felt compelled to keep the design clean with a nice balance of white space and information.


Initial home screen low-fidelity sketch

RX app redesign Home

After looking into competitors, I updated the icons for accessibility. With a colored background the icon stands out and the buttons are large enough for any user to press.

Using Gestalts law of similarity, I grouped certain icons together with others so that users would understand their functions. By doing so, the home screen is now more clear for the user.

The bottom navigation bar was added because I felt the user would get lost without it.

create account verify

The need for extra precaution is absolutely necessary since this is a Pharmacy app and it deals with users personal health information (PPI).

Through research, I found that all pharmacy applications require the user to verify that they are indeed a customer by adding a pharmacy RX number.

But I wanted to emphasize with the customer by putting myself in their shoes. What if a I (the user) simply wanted to create an account and then at a later time, look into my account or I simply wanted to transfer a prescription over?

My redesign allows that.

As you can see, I kept it this process as two parts.

- Part  1 - Create account with all the necessary information.

- Part 2 - Verify account.

Part 1 - Allows a user to reach the home screen,  once they are there, they then will have the ability to further verify that they are indeed a customer by providing a prescription number. Similar to the way that our competitor does it, certain icons are locked until the user is a verified customer.

For visual design purposes, I decided to remove the bright pink/red  and purple color that Stop and Shop currently is using. I kept everything clean and clear with a white, light gray and blue color scheme.

Nav redesign (1)

Once the user clicks on the newly redesigned navigation + icon, they are taken to a new side bar which doesn't repeat the same options on the home screen.

Stop and Shop Pharmacies are not your typical big chained pharmacies like CVS or Walgreens. They are your standard pharmacy that is located inside of your local supermarket so the options here are limited to stay on brand with what we can do.

Updates include:

  • Removal of repetitive information.

  • RX Savings card which acts like a coupon that any user / customer could use and our pharmacy was always a preferred one for savings cards.

  • Standard settings and help buttons

  • Private policy link because users would like to know how their private health data is being used.

Refil redesign

In color psychology, white is often used because it invokes the feeling of cleanliness and efficiency which is often related to the medical field.

However, here the color they use only matches their logo-because the Stop and Shop logo is a red light and a green light (Stop and Shop). This bright reddish pink only grabs the users attention, it doesn't invoke the medical profession at all.

Secondly, for HIPPA compliance I believe they make the user first sign into their account and then the user can refill their prescription but let's face it, we all have a lot of private information stored on our mobile devices these days from bank information to passwords, so why should health and medicine information be any different?

My redesign will allow users to stay logged in and reconfirm identity using as Face ID or thumb print, and

  • Users can simply scan their bottle or manually enter their prescription number through one screen.

  • I made this screen all blue to match the color scheme of my redesign and to show that this is a different screen, so we don't loose the users interest.

  • Added arrows to guide the user where they need to align the barcode for the refill to work properly.

“Structure first. Content always.”

- Mark Boulton


From my personal experience working as a pharmacy technician at this particular pharmacy, I understand the importance of medical records, patient information and how the customers have a tendency to want their medication now and move on with their day.

A typical pharmacy customer base varies  tremendously by age, therefore knowing that the majority of users to use an app to refill their medication or review their current medication, would be a most likely be a user between the ages of 18-45.

An application such as this should be consistent and have a clean and clear representation that a pharmacy represents, while providing a good user experience without any hangups.

While it's best to test these new designs with users to understand what would or wouldn't work for them, I can say that having an easier experience through the app, will make pharmacy customers more inclined to use it.

After all, we want our users to have a better way to get everything done, a one stop shop - so to speak.