UX Research

In-depth user research, heuristic analysis of your current product, website or application.

UX Design

Translating user needs and pain points into a better design for your product, service or application.

UI Design

Focusing on the interaction between users and app, with a mobile-first approach.


Designing for the User

Designing with the user in mind. I can help simplify your users’ experience with my creative storytelling and problem solving skills from 7+ years of experience as a video editor. 



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UX Design - Expert

Voice Interaction Design - Cook for Me

UI Design - Perfect Properties

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What People Say

Tamara is a thoughtful designer who does a great job balancing design and user needs. She receives feedback with an open and receptive attitude and because of this, learned exponentially while she was working with me

Jayd Jackson

UX Designer

I’ve been continually impressed with Tamara’s attention to detail and ability to follow directions to a T, along with her willingness to create a superior product. Tamara would be an asset to any project and surely deliver a high quality end result

Robert Gordon

Brand Manager

Tamara was a great student who’s very coachable. Her willingness to listen, explore, and learn is critical for any user experience professional. I’m confident she’ll make a positive impact in any company or design team she works with.

Tony DeSylva

UX Designer & Mentor

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